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As 2011 is an International Year of Forests, the Pug Mark Nature Club of Jain College, Jayanagar conducted a social awareness program to reduce carbon footprints called "Jainites Green Initiative (JGI)".

The main aim of the Jainities Green Initiative (JGI) of Pug Mark Nature club is to reduce carbon footprint and initiate students, teachers and the general public to use bi-cycles or public transport to reduce green house gases. The main motive of the event was to initiate people to care and protect the environment and contribute awareness to give more & more greener planet for generations.

The program witnessed participation from all the students and teachers of the college. Faculty members and students travelled by bicycles and public transport to spread awareness. Signature campaign was conducted in front of Bangalore Central, Jayanagar for the public opinion. Students formed the human chain with slogans "Go Green".