IYPT - 2019 Conference at IISC Bangalore


29th May 2019


J.N. Tata Auditorium IISC, Bengaluru.


Jain College, VV Puram

About the Event

May 29th, 2019 is encircled with asterisk mark on every chemistry student’s calendar. That was the day to commemorate the formation of the periodic table by Dmitry Mendeleev 150 years ago.  The unique tool that enables the prediction of the properties of terrestrial matter and even beyond.

The Celebration was jointly organized by IISC, JNCASR, and CENS at J.N. Tata Auditorium IISC, Bengaluru. Students of more than 25 top colleges in and around Bengaluru were the center for concern.

In response to the circular in JGI, V V Puram Campus more than 100 students were screened to select the best 30 students eligible to participate in the program with great support from H.O.D Miss Anu Shiva and two faculties Smt. Triveni.R and Miss. Pavitra .U of Chemistry department held the responsibility of guidance to monitor the students.

It was indeed a systematically well-organized event. Morning session between 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM was actively occupied by learning resources from the dignitaries.

Highlights of the Program:

  1. Resources from Prof.C.N.R Rao FRS( about the periodic table)
  2. Talk from Prof. G. Magesh, IISC (element of life)
  3. Talk from Prof. S. Krishna Prasad, CENS(Lead Kindly Light: Spectroscopy and Periodic table)
  4. Talk from Dr. Indumati Rao, JNCASR ( The Agony and ecstasy of Mendeleev’s life)

Students of Jain College, V.V. Puram - Madan.N (II PCMBB), Darsha.N (II PCMCB), Anirudh Varna (II PCMEA) as a team won the 1st Prize competing with Christ, St. Joseph’s and Bishop Cotton College Teams.

Post lunch the auditorium witnessed the sense of humor in scientist presented wonderfully in the form of a skit. The program concluded by thanking all the participants. It was indeed a very informative and educative program.

Arm Painting Competition