Top College in Bangalore

Jain College is one of the top colleges in Bangalore providing education at the Pre-university, Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Established in 1990 by Dr Chenraj Roychand, it is the flagship institute of JGI Group. Spread over four campuses (VV Puram, JC Road, Jayanagar and RR Nagar), the College is home to more than 8,000 students.

At Jain College, the vision is to impart quality in education. The college strives to balance academic excellence with co-curricular activities that enhance the overall development of students. Jain College has a vibrant culture, which is sustained by a sensible confluence of students, staff and leadership. Students feel at home here and the state-of-the-art facilities provided in the college enable them to nurture their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

The Faculty of Jain College are an ideal blend of experience and youth. They are committed to imbibe and render the best and latest advances in education to students. Integrated courses like IIT–JEE and CET have been designed carefully to provide the students with a clear edge in placement and further education. The Pre-university students of Jain College have so far garnered 42 ranks in the Karnataka State Board Exam. Along with academics, sports has an integral role in shaping the path of a student in Jain College. It has an illustrious list of sports achievers like Pankaj Advani, Shikha Tandon, Rohan Bopanna and Robin Uthappa.

Jain College plays a pioneering role in the education sector in offering students unique and innovative programmes. Students are offered value-based professional programmes that help them to be on par with the current educational scenario. Jain College will continue in its quest of conceiving and developing courses that are exceptional and futuristic.